Why SmartDrive?


Digital content is delivered and updated at
any time on all drives.
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Branded user interface that drives traffic
back to your website.
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You have access to reports that show ROI
for an entire year.
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One year warranty on hardware and software. Quality USB hardware is CE, RoHS certified
and meets or exceeds ISO 9001:2000.


SmartDrive offers better value and benefits
at the same price as standard USB drives.


All SmartDrives are provided with service and support as long as the product is licensed.

How it Works

SmartDrive™ is a service technology that enables companies to update information on USB drives after they have distributed them to their customers/employees. SmartDrives are a ubiquitous, low cost, easy to use method to maintain information to recipients.


Here are some examples of how SmartDrives are used:

  • Maintaining insurance application forms for sales employees/resellers. The SmartDrive USB stores all the files they need, and updates the files each time they plug it in. The USB stored files also allow access to information when on the go, between home and work computer, or at customer offices, with or without internet connectivity.

  • Providing customers with the most current product specification documents, installation videos, or accessories.

  • Replacing mailed catalogs or CDs so that new versions can be updated more frequently and be more current at a lower cost.

  • Update or send materials presented at a conference after the conference has ended. Send the keynote video or presentation documents so attendees can view later.

Works like regular USBs but with many additional features
  • Remote files update
  • Customized screen
  • Auto start
  • File view reports
  • User geographics